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New EP "Family of Things" 

is out now

On new EP Family Of Things, Albertine Sarges - the Berlin-based multi-hyphenate creative talent - plumbs new depths of unadorned and often self-confessional emotion. Don’t assume that these are necessarily gloomy or unpleasant responses, rather we are presented with realistic feelings and ideas that are rarely put into words and music.

Such is the emotional immediacy on show that Sarges seems to reach across the divide between musician and listener, either through a confessional lyric like “I wear clothes like a granny”, or the interaction with collaborators who play key roles on the album such as singer
Anna B Savage, poet Amanda Monti, and flautist Lisa Baeyens. ‘Hold On’, though ostensibly about nicotine addiction, could be applied to any type of crutch - drugs, booze, sex, work, relationships, expensive pastries. Likewise, on ‘Birds Life’ she sings “I always do the same things wrong”. These oh-so-relatable concerns are why the EP seems to stretch its arms outwards, reaching for understanding. Perhaps the best example of this is the lyric “the best slurp is love”: neither we or Sarges may be able to give a 100% accurate description of what it means (she says “I don’t know if that is even proper English”), but we have a hazy understanding, a sense, a vibe of this charmingly messy little phrase. Such is Sarges’ talent that we’re taken along with the general thrust of this notion, and indeed the EP itself. To use a modern phrase, we feel seen.



10.12.23 AT Wien
Desertshore Festival


After numerous collaborative projects, including the Italian synthwave band Itaca, Holly Herndon and Kat Frankie, Berlin born and raised artist Albertine Sarges brings together a new band for her debut LP „The Sticky Fingers“ and signs to UK indie label Moshi Moshi Records. Her debut album, out in January 2021, approaches her take on feminist theory, musings on bisexuality, gender stereotypes and mental health.


These topics fall under the ever-shifting veneer of Albertine’s chameleonic pop motifs: from Viv Albertine-inspired post-punk and kaleidoscopic dream-pop to quiet-loud guitar squall and Tune-Yards reminiscent vocal acrobatics. While Albertine Sarges maintains a sense of comedy in her approach, her music is also a platform to explore the self and contribute to broader societal discourse.

Photo by Anika Zachow.

In 2021/2022 Albertine Sarges was a participant of Keychange.

Keychange is a movement fighting for a sustainable music industry.
They support talented but underrepresented artists and encourage organisations to take a pledge for gender equality. 

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Label: Moshi Moshi Records
Publisher: Edition Aalto / Polarbear Music Publishing

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