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Friendship’ marks the next stage in Albertine Sarges’ musical journey. It expands her world as she experiments with vocals and blends different styles to create a unique sonic palette. It’s a strangely beautiful, bluesy and deeply emotional re-introduction that shows off the daring artistic approach of Albertine and sets the scene for more to come later this year

“A good friend stayed overnight with me last summer, who was devastated by a very fresh breakup. In the morning I came into her room and sat on the edge of her bed. She lifted the blanket and I slipped under and passed her my cup of coffee. She was gently crying and when she took a sip, one of her tears fell into the coffee. We passed the cup back and forth between us in silence, as the coffee became saltier. It was a beautiful experience for both of us, and this is the essence of the song. Friendships as a comforting baseline we can always return to. The song is a reminder to take good care of your friendships!”




01.6.2024 DE Berlin
Down By The River Festival


21.7.2024DE Karlsruhe
Das Fest



©2024 Albertine Sarges


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Label: Moshi Moshi Records

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